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Conversation Cards: Family Edition

Conversation Cards: Family Edition

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The Our Future Edition is a fun and connecting, all-ages conversation game. It's perfect for family game night, counseling and mentoring, intergenerational conversations, icebreakers, social-emotional-learning in school, and self-reflection journaling

❣️ The Our Future Edition was created to help young people (7+) and their adult support systems to discuss topics that foster connection, celebrate passions, and explore emotions to nurture curious growing minds. This carefully curated deck of 52 questions offers discussion prompts at two levels of intimacy from “light” to “deep” covering topics like friendships, purpose, self-reflection, mental health, power dynamics, bullying, and community. Whether you’re a family member, parent, caretaker, educator, counselor, or mentor, the Our Future Edition is a fun, non-confrontational way to connect with our children while allowing us to celebrate what matters to them at the most malleable time in their lives.

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